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Pandora Logo

Pandora Media

Expedient introduction of new features to maintain a competitive edge

When Pandora needed to quickly implement a collection of new features, they decided to contract an experienced team of developers rather than deal with the hassle and long onboarding time associated with hiring or re-purposing in-house staff. We were able to hit the ground running since day one, working closely alongside their management and development staff in order to meet their aggressive deadlines.

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By hitting the ground running on day one, Nyentek helped us immensely to get Pandora Premium launched. Their deep technical experience and flexibility to jump into projects quickly have been a great asset to Pandora.

Erik Jessen

Vice President of Engineering, Pandora Media, Inc.

SafeTraces Logo

SafeTraces, Inc.

A comprehensive software and hardware solution for generating, applying, and tracking complex DNA barcodes.

Their Business

SafeTraces creates a unique traceability and authentication technology for food production, pharmaceuticals, and environmental monitoring. Their FDA-approved, edible markers enable full traceability and authentication of the product, not just the packaging. These are applied during food processing to trace the product and obtain rapid source assurance at any point of the supply chain.

The Need for a Solution

After successfully demonstrating the scientific viability of their DNA barcoding process, SafeTraces needed a tech solution for consistently generating these barcodes on an industrial scale, as well as a surrounding ecosystem for tracking and managing them in the field.

The Decision Process

Having dealt with several, specialized vendors in the past, SafeTraces realized the need for a comprehensive solution for their first product launch into the open market. They needed a vendor with expertise in mobile, web, and hardware experience.

The Implementation

We built a web portal for admin dashboard, mobile app for operators that communicated with the machine. We architected the entire solution including defining the server APIs and communication protocol and ran point for the entire project.

Portrait of a European woman turned slightly toward the right of the frame, looking into the camera with a large smile.

Nyentek is a highly talented group of designers and developers who built our entire software platform from the ground up. They are adept at interfacing software with hardware and are always responsive to our needs.

Ulrike Hodges

Chief Operating & Revenue Officer, SafeTraces, Inc.

Intel Logo

Intel Corporation

Web Application Helps Intel Employees in Reducing Their Carbon Footprints

The Client

As an industry leader in computer hardware manufacturing, Intel prides itself in promoting sustainable business practices and funding projects that empower their employees to make smart choices for the environment. Since 2006, Intel’s Sustainability in Action program has provided funding for employee-driven projects that promote innovative solutions to environmental issues across all of their campuses worldwide. In 2012, there were nine funded projects, ranging from the installation of bee hives in order to study colony collapse disorder — to the implementation of food composting at Intel cafeterias to reduce excess landfill waste*.Nyentek had the opportunity to work on one of these nine projects, aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of Intel employees commuting to and from work.

The Challenge

Intel had an existing program for arranging carpools with other employees, but it was outdated, inefficient, and generally did not help to promote carpooling among employees. It required participants to know beforehand the specific carpool that they wanted to join and the vehicles that they will be riding in, and send an email to an administrator who would have to manually approve the arrangement and issue a physical permit for parking in carpool-designated spaces. The limited number of parking permits would often go missing after those to whom they were issued neglected to return them, and the faulty system did not provide for a way to retrieve them. The system was inflexible for users, who often complained about the inability to transfer passes to different vehicles or form new carpools; and laborious for the administrators, who had to manually maintain the system. Intel badly needed a modern solution to administer their carpool program.


Drivers and riders can create and manage multiple routes (origin and destination locations and arrival time range) to be matched by the platform. Drivers can also input a radius of how far off a specific route they are willing to deviate to pick up a rider. Drivers can add and manage different vehicles to let the platform know the maximum carpool size and be recognized by parking enforcement in carpool-designated spaces doing away with physical permits. Carpool listings are created when drivers select a route, a vehicle, and a schedule (time and recurrence). Riders can search the open carpool listings to join one or be matched based off each party’s provided route information. Carpool program administrators of each Intel campus can view the number of active carpools for a given day and provide a list of vehicles to parking enforcement to cross-reference with the current vehicles parked in the designated carpool spaces.


We implemented the platform as a mobile web application that was accessible on all mobile and desktop web browsers. The front-end was built as a single page application using jQuery mobile to avoid unnecessary page loading on mobile browsers providing the feel of a native application. The back-end was implemented using PHP and PostgresSQL/PostGIS to handle geospatial queries between points and line buffers. The project was deployed at the end of the funding period for internal use among Intel employees as a trial run.

*Intel Corporation. (2013). 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report (page 54).
POC Medical Systems Logo

POC Medical Systems Inc.

A suite of mobile applications for diagnosing breast cancer in rural communities

For the trial launch of their cancer screening product, POC Medical Systems contracted us to build native apps for both iOS and Android devices that allow patients to access their health data within minutes of their blood test. Both of our apps are localized for both English & Hindi-speakers and are both HIPAA & HDPSA compliant for securing medical information in both the US and India. To coincide with the app launch, we also completely overhauled the POC Medical Systems website, to portray a more cohesive brand identity as they venture into the international market.

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Nyentek is our one-stop-shop for all software design and development. They designed and built all of our mobile apps while also developing our cloud platform and possess a firm grasp of HIPAA, FDA, and ISO standards for medical devices.

Sanjeev Saxena

Chief Executive Officer, POC Medical Systems Inc.

ArifZefen Logo

ArifSoft Corp.

Bringing up-to-date technologies to users in emerging markets

As the most popular music streaming service in Ethiopia, ArifZefen reached out to us to create a strong Android app in order to bring the latest features to their users, most of whom do not use iOS. We completely overhauled the Android experience, bringing into line with the latest design patterns from Google, and updating its infrastructure in order to work as seamlessly on a flagship as it does on the lower end devices that comprise the majority of the East African market.

Portrait of an African man looking directly into the camera with a neutral facial expression.

Now we have an Android app that is even better than our [existing] iOS app, and day-to-day our user growth on Android is multiples of what it is on iOS. Being able to deploy that app out to our customers allowed us immediately to make thousands of our users happy overnight!

Ephraim Tekle

CEO, ArifSoft Corp.

VivaLNK Logo

VivaLNK, Inc.

Connected healthcare devices for wellness, patient monitoring, and remote care

VivaLNK has developed a low-cost digital tattoo that allows parents to measure their children’s temperatures. We built a mobile monitoring app that allows parents to record their child’s temperature by tapping their phones with the tattoo on their child. Parents can use this to track a child’s progress with an illness over time. The app used NFC to read and record temperature from the tattoo and graph it for the user and was featured at CES.