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Custom Enterprise Software, Delivered

Beyond creating flawless custom-built software, our deep industry knowledge in diverse verticals allows us to inform business strategy in addition to technology decisions.

All Platforms

  • Mobile

    Illustration of a mobile phone laying on a flat surface, its interface elements floating above it

    iOS and Android apps for business or consumer users to connect, interface, and control custom-built devices

  • Web

    Illustration of a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop, and a computer monitor all displaying variations of the same interface, adjusted to suit their relative sizes

    Web dashboards and portals for business or consumer users and API back-ends for mobile and IoT devices

  • Embedded

    Illustration of a single-board computer with various inputs, outputs, and an antenna

    On-device low-level software to control hardware and high-level software to interface with mobile apps or the cloud

Proven Process

  1. Project Analysis

    Top-to-bottom analysis of the science, device, and platform requirements to identify the technical needs, compliance risks, implementation timelines, project scope, and total cost

  2. Solution Design

    Complete functional requirements, user interface, and technical specifications to ensure all pieces: software, firmware, and hardware perform to specification as one solution

  3. Expert Execution

    Skilled designers and engineers with multiplatform integration expertise and program management to ensure all pieces are implemented and delivered on time and on budget.

  4. Quality Assured

    Thorough attention to detail with a streamlined testing and quality process derived from countless projects ensures a quality product with minimal issues or bugs every time

Results Delivered

Photographic portrait of a European man turned slightly toward the left of the frame, looking into the camera with a neutral smile.

By hitting the ground running on day one, Nyentek helped us immensely to get Pandora Premium launched. Their deep technical experience and flexibility to jump into projects quickly have been a great asset to Pandora.

Erik Jessen

Vice President of Engineering, Pandora Media, Inc.

Let's get started

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